Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday Daydreaming...

Mondays are the worst.  Worst. Worst. So I just deflect and daydream of putting together a cute outfit, things to add to my home, etc. How do you get through Mondays?

Sabine lace top//J.Crew flower fan necklace//Zara pointy heels// Elizabeth Mayville's Bun Print//Cuyana alpaca infinity scarf//J.Crew iPhone 4/4s Cover

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Lately, I've been obsessed with de-cluttering and simplifying my wardrobe.  I'm getting rid of a lot of trendy and rarely worn items (thank goodness for ebay) and at the same time, focusing on resurrecting my wardrobe with simple and classic pieces.  I haven't purchased them yet, but I want all the tees from Everlane for spring and summer.  I finally bought the Madewell Transport Tote when the local Madewell shop offered a 20% discount. LOVE the bag; it's worth all the hype and then some. In an effort to give my feet a break from wearing high heels during the week, I got myself a pair of these New Balance 420 Tomboys.  They've become my weekend go-to shoes since the purchase. I'm so excited about this altered approach and make-over of my wardrobe! 

Hope you all have a great weekend~~

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hello Spring

Hello~~~  I'm back!  
I know it's been awhile.  It feels good to be writing agin.  It's like running - I just gotta do it.  

This whole  year, 2014, has been really up and down for me so far. A lot's been going on at work and at home as well.  But I'm not going to lie, there are days when I just have not been so creative, motivated, or productive enough to get to this place.  

With Spring here and the weather having been AMAZING the last couple of days, I feel energized and really rejuvenated (especially having just recovered from two bouts of stomach problems).  

Last week, in between two medical appointments, I had about 40 minutes to kill and the mall was right around the corner.  Of course, I found myself there in no time.  And I'm glad I was there - I got myself a plant, which NEVER happens. But I did it because apparently, this little guy below, is easy to take care of: submerge him in water for an hour once a week, let it dry upside down, then we are good to go! 
 he gorgeous?  Cross my fingers he'll thrive at my home!

I also got me a terrarium.  Although I'm not sure if I'll get anything to put in it, I thought it just looks good as a decorative object, no?

Guys, I'm so glad Spring is here.  This winter did a number on me a bit, emotionally and physically.  Happy springy week to you~

p.s. Happy passover to those who celebrate!  Hubs and I are off to a passover dinner at one of our dear friends' home.  Finally, I'm living up to my namesake.  (Haha!)  Seriously, I'm happy to be part of this tradition my husband and his family have been celebrating all throughout their lives. 
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