Monday, January 27, 2014

Latest Wish List 1.27.14

Guys, I missed blogging!!!  I've been thinking of this and that and kept getting stuck.  What's happening to me?  I dunno.  This January has been a real tough one on the creative end. 
But it's been a real sweet one on the shopping end.  My goodness, is everything on sale?!  I've got my eyes on the above (ok, I admit I took the plunge and got a couple already!!  #oopsie)

Loft's faded chambray - Can we ever have enough chambray shirts? I think not. 
Loft's dot stripe infinity scarf  - This is fun, isn't it?!
Gap's destructed boyfriend jeans - Can't go wrong with this pair.
Ann Taylor Tote - Guys, 50% off!  Need I say more?  
J.Crew Crystal Triangle Earrings - Yikes, these are sold out.  But keep checking (like really early in the morning!!)
Nine West Lavalu Smoking Flats - Will the snow ever stop?  I need to wear these but not in the snow!! 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How is January Treating You?

So, we've been doing a lot of cuddling and nestling around the house during these mid winter days. The boys tend to get more cuddly with this cold weather and I love it. The last picture is my Toby's head on my tummy and a book I just started reading after my last one  that took 3 months to read - mostly read in December during my vacation. 

I've also been doing a lot of reflecting, planning, wondering, daydreaming about what I should do differently in 2014 in terms of this blog, work, relationships, etc.  January always gets me like this! I almost feel a bit overwhelmed and immobilized by this process, like I don't know what I should do first on my list of to do's for 2014. 

One thing I started doing since January is actually utilizing the darn notebook(s) I carry with me all the time.  I carry at least one notebook with me on any given day in case I need to jot down something.  But then I don't!  How silly, right??  So, whenever I have that bright idea on what to do, buy, make, see, etc. I now jot them down.  The only down side is that sometimes I can't read my own handwriting!!  That my friends, is a sign that I'm always rushing for no particular reason and I need to just chill. 

How about you? How is this January treating you?    

Monday, January 6, 2014

Last Minute Purchases from 2013

Was it difficult for you to shop for others during the holiday season and not get yourself anything?  Especially when there were crazy sales everywhere?  I'm totally guilty.  I really am.  I continue to be guilty as I enjoyed a little bit of the post-holiday sales over the weekend.  With the slashed down 40% and add'l 50% kinda sales combined with gift and reward cards, I kinda caved in and bought a couple (this word has become really subjective at this point!) of things I've been eyeing for some time.  See below for the "where from". 

  • leopard sweater from Anthropologie (I've been living in this lately! Warning - it's super itchy so make sure you wear something underneath it.)
  • stripey shirt from j.crew (Perfect with a long cardi until the weather gets warm.)
  • dotty jammies from Victoria's Secret (I'm a long time fan of Victoria's Secret's flannel and cotton jammies. They are super soft and oh so comfy.) 
  • cheerful tee from j.crew (no longer on sale - booh!!)
  • harlem pants from House of Harlow (Shopbop - sold out) (So well tailored and comfy - ladies, elastic waist bands speak to me after all the cookies and wine I happily consumed over the holidays.)
  • furry coat from j.crew (I need this just to take a break from my very bleak looking and old Northface coat.)
  • wishbone stamp from Anthropologie (Um, how could you resist?)
  • swan family from Anthropologie (I plan on using this family to store/display paper clips, pins, etc. on my desk.)
How 'bout you?  Any uh-mazing purchases lately to ring in the new year?  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014



Hit the above play button and see what I did on the last night of 2013. Something like hanging out with BILLY JOEL in NYC!
Hope you had a great NYE. Let's give this new year, 2014, our bestest try to make it even better, happier, and funner than 2013~~


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