Friday, August 30, 2013

TGIF - Whatcha Up To?

Today is the last working day of August for most of us. Kinda mind blowing that we are done with the summer (granted we still have a week or two of humid and hot days left this year).  What do you have planned for this Labor Day weekend?  I'll be splitting my time between my friend Nancy's place in north Jersey and home.  I'm hoping to hit the Brooklyn Flea Market (Williamsburg) with Nancy.  I've been wanting to go there for some time, so I'm really excited about that.  And I'm also excited that "Brooklyn Flea" opened in Philly too.  Apparently, it opened in June.  Where have I been?!  

Here are some things that caught my attention this week. 

  • Would love to join in on the world's biggest food fight in Spain. Just let it all go, act like a 4 year old, and have fun, right?!
  • These condiments make for a perfect gift/purchase for those who celebrate Rosh Hashanah.
  • I'm still obsessed with the 80s super models.  This Interview Magazine Model Issue brings it all back...
  • I'll definitely be downloading Lowland, Jhumpa Lahiri's latest magical piece of work. I'd give my right arm to write as beautifully as she does.  (I guess I'll type with left hand then...)
  • Madewell's Wildly Simple fall collection hits the simplicity mode I've been in lately in every way possible.  It also kills my plan to put myself on a spending freeze. 
Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend! See you in September~ 


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  1. Have ALWAYS wanted to go to that awesome food fight. Have an amazing weekend, lady! Sounds like a ton of fun. :)


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