Monday, February 24, 2014

Craving Neutrals

vase // sconce // throw // basket // bag // denim // shoes 

While I love a well layered design, I always seem to go back to the simple, neutral combination of white and black, with a splash of beige or tan leather tones.  Both in home decor and fashion. 
When spring finally gets here, I can't wait to lighten up my home and wardrobe with the above items (btw, totally reasonably priced too). 

Friday, February 14, 2014

TGIF - Whatcha Up To?

Happy Valentine's Day~~ Will you be my Valentine? :)
The hubs and I are staying in. We made plans to celebrate tomorrow, Saturday instead.  Yes, we've been together long enough to treat Valentine's Day with a grain of practicality and measured excitement. 

So, here's what's on my mind this weekend: 

Happy Valentine's Day weekend~~

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Snow Snow ... and More Snow

This has been one snowy winter.  I was again snowed in today and despite my ambitious goals, I did not get much work done at home.  But it sure was nice to drink my second cup of coffee in my jammies and even work out at the gym (within our apartment premise, of course).  Why, I even drank a glass of wine late afternoon.  But seriously, like when we were in school, these snow days set us back the next day at work. Such is life I say and I move on!

 This is a photo of the Schuylkill river that runs parallel to my apartment.  This was a couple of weeks ago when the snow was finally thawing out.  That wave like stuff - that's frozen chunks of ice floating on the river.  I tell you, I was completely fascinated by the floating ice! 

I took the above photo this morning.  I don't even know the final snowfall measurement.  But you can see how we are literally snowed in (and do excuse the dusty/gross window area - spring cleaning shall happen very soon). 
Although I do not like this long treacherous winter, I do LOVE winter fashion.  Lately, the above combo has been my weekend uniform. White cable sweater from here, chambray shirt from here again, cords from here/sold out, and the flats were from here but appear to be sold out.  I've only been able to wear the flats like twice due to all the snow.  And I was very cold and regretful.  Who said fashion makes sense?! 

If you are dealing with heavy duty snow days like me, be safe out there on the roads, my friends~~

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


What if you could order a chic, elegant, well-tailored dress, and try it on and see how it fits at the comfort of your own home before you purchase it (or return it)?  And it's free shipping.  AND you can order up to 4 dresses to try on. Well, there's such a place that offers all of this and that's M.M.Lafleur.  See below. 

I ordered all three of the above (I think the third one is actually a two piece outfit).  The price is a bit high for me but we all know what it means to invest in a great dress.  Yup - it's classic, timeless, and you will feel super pretty and confident.

So, this all sounds like a sponsored post, right?  It's not.  I'm just seriously amazed, amused, and impressed by this wonderful design shop.  I can't wait to try these on!!

Friday, February 7, 2014

TGIF - Whatcha Up To?

TGIF!!! It's been one cold and at times, treacherous week in the suburbs of Philly. We've had to deal with pounds of snow and icy conditions for days. Even the local court house closed twice and that's like never happened as long as I've lived in this area!!  Well, we made it to the finish line, aka Friday, so let's live it up!

This weekend...

  • I may take the plunge and treat ma-self to this Madewell tote. 
  • I'm also eyeing this $60 H&M quilted faux leather jacket for spring (if it'll just get here already). 
  • I will try my darnest to eat healthier b/c the winter pounds are seriously not cute!! This edamame & corn salad is definitely a good start!
  • I need to start planning for Valentine's Day - you know, something sweet for my hubs. (And for me too? Like this pretty bowl. (sold out online but I bet the store has it!)
  • Read up on these recently discovered exquisite blogs: Upperlyne and Flourish Design and Style.  Their Instagrams also provide major inspiration on all things gorgeous and practical.  My kinda gals!! 
Happy weekend~~

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WIWN 2.05.14

So, those who know me well know that I used to do a lot of fashion drawings and sketches.  Once I realized that I wasn't going to an art school (so that I can pursue pre-med like 85% of college students back in the 90s), I kinda stopped doing anything artsy for awhile. 

Then I got into this bloggy blog biz.  Whenever I saw any creative work done by other bloggers, I really wanted to go back to drawing again.   With much trepidation, I picked up a piece of paper, pencil, then color pencils and markers, and I was back to my old artsy self.  Ok, not really.  I'm still feeling pret-ty rusty. Like actually, REALLY rusty. 

I would love to post my bad art here from time to time in a series called "WIWN" = What I'm Wearing Now. This will be my way of sharing with you what's in my closet. The above drawing is me in my all-year-round uniform: striped tee and comfy jeans, matched with a pair of flats. Oh - don't forget a good beanie to cover my often frizzy hair! Can't ask for a better uniform, seriously.  

What's your all-year-round uniform? Do share :)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Current Design File

Happy February!! I say this as I'm snowed in at my home with 6 inches or more of snow outside. 

This snowy winter has me pining for the spring, which always leaves me with a huge desire to change everything around the house.  Currently, I'm really drawn to light, airy, white & grey mix, combined with warm wood colored pieces for my home. How about you?  Any changes you are thinking of in anticipation of spring?  (If it ever gets here...)

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