Tuesday, February 11, 2014


What if you could order a chic, elegant, well-tailored dress, and try it on and see how it fits at the comfort of your own home before you purchase it (or return it)?  And it's free shipping.  AND you can order up to 4 dresses to try on. Well, there's such a place that offers all of this and that's M.M.Lafleur.  See below. 

I ordered all three of the above (I think the third one is actually a two piece outfit).  The price is a bit high for me but we all know what it means to invest in a great dress.  Yup - it's classic, timeless, and you will feel super pretty and confident.

So, this all sounds like a sponsored post, right?  It's not.  I'm just seriously amazed, amused, and impressed by this wonderful design shop.  I can't wait to try these on!!

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