Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WIWN 2.05.14

So, those who know me well know that I used to do a lot of fashion drawings and sketches.  Once I realized that I wasn't going to an art school (so that I can pursue pre-med like 85% of college students back in the 90s), I kinda stopped doing anything artsy for awhile. 

Then I got into this bloggy blog biz.  Whenever I saw any creative work done by other bloggers, I really wanted to go back to drawing again.   With much trepidation, I picked up a piece of paper, pencil, then color pencils and markers, and I was back to my old artsy self.  Ok, not really.  I'm still feeling pret-ty rusty. Like actually, REALLY rusty. 

I would love to post my bad art here from time to time in a series called "WIWN" = What I'm Wearing Now. This will be my way of sharing with you what's in my closet. The above drawing is me in my all-year-round uniform: striped tee and comfy jeans, matched with a pair of flats. Oh - don't forget a good beanie to cover my often frizzy hair! Can't ask for a better uniform, seriously.  

What's your all-year-round uniform? Do share :)

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