Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Snow Snow ... and More Snow

This has been one snowy winter.  I was again snowed in today and despite my ambitious goals, I did not get much work done at home.  But it sure was nice to drink my second cup of coffee in my jammies and even work out at the gym (within our apartment premise, of course).  Why, I even drank a glass of wine late afternoon.  But seriously, like when we were in school, these snow days set us back the next day at work. Such is life I say and I move on!

 This is a photo of the Schuylkill river that runs parallel to my apartment.  This was a couple of weeks ago when the snow was finally thawing out.  That wave like stuff - that's frozen chunks of ice floating on the river.  I tell you, I was completely fascinated by the floating ice! 

I took the above photo this morning.  I don't even know the final snowfall measurement.  But you can see how we are literally snowed in (and do excuse the dusty/gross window area - spring cleaning shall happen very soon). 
Although I do not like this long treacherous winter, I do LOVE winter fashion.  Lately, the above combo has been my weekend uniform. White cable sweater from here, chambray shirt from here again, cords from here/sold out, and the flats were from here but appear to be sold out.  I've only been able to wear the flats like twice due to all the snow.  And I was very cold and regretful.  Who said fashion makes sense?! 

If you are dealing with heavy duty snow days like me, be safe out there on the roads, my friends~~

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