Wednesday, August 21, 2013

In the Middle

Yesterday, Jess from Jess Lively (a must read blog for oh so many life lessons) asked a "super important question" on her Facebook page - Long or Short?  As in hair length, of course (what else can we think of?!).  

I've been pondering obsessing over the same question this entire summer as my hair continues to suffocate in a ponytail or a chignon (ok, who am I kidding, it's a bun!). I've  been told by many that I look better with short/shorter hairstyle.  I wish I could wake up and my hair would look like any of these mid length styles...

(all images found here on Pinterest)

So pretty, right?!  I think I'll go for the chop-off sometime at the end of the summer.  It'll be a nice fresh make-over for the fall :) 

We are half way there~~  #alreadythinkingoftgif


  1. Ooh fun -- can't wait to see it when you do! I'm so in love with the hair in that first shot. Obsessed.

    1. I know it takes a lot of blow drying and curling, etc. to look that good, but a girl can dream for a perfect hair make-over, right?!


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