Thursday, August 29, 2013

Design Junkie

There comes a time when things around your house start to look outdated and tired.  Well, that's exactly what's happening with our dining table and chairs.  Nothing's wrong with them BUT we could use a little change.  Of course, the practical side of me says I'm being frivolous. But I would like to think that a little updating won't hurt us in the long run as our eyes won't hurt so much every day looking and frowning at our now outdated and tired looking dining set.  Anyways, when and if we get to that time to update our stuff, I'd like to start with our dining chairs.  I'm thinking of these...with some skepticism... 

(the first set of chairs via here; Katie Lee Joel and her chairs from an old Domino (yes, I still mourn the death of that magazine); faux wishbone chairs via here;  and it's cousin :) via here)

And of course, if I could get an entire make-over of some sort, I'd want something like this...

(via House & Beautiful)

And now, I have to laugh at having become such a design junkie!!

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