Monday, August 5, 2013

Tanglewood Recap

Happy Monday!  

How was your weekend? It came and went for us.  To our dismay, our drive to/from Tanglewood took FOREVAH due to traffic both ways.  That said, we had an amazing time.  

Upon our arrival after 5 1/2 hour drive...

The "shed" where we enjoyed an amazing performance by the Boston Symphony accompanying Lang Lang (all the photos I took of him were total blurs :( )

The next day, Sunday, we enjoyed mucho wine brought from home and some prepped but delicious caesar salad and onion rings from the cafe on site, on the lawn of Tanglewood.  

This is us post lunch. A little power nap before we saw the one and only Yo Yo Ma perform.   

Hopefully, despite the drive, I'll be back again next year~

Have a great week!! 

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  1. Looks like such a relaxing trip! Sorry traffic was such a mess!


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