Monday, August 19, 2013


Hi there~  I'm back.  I took a sabbatical from blogging last week.  Yup, I did.  I really needed to.  I was suffering from a major blogger's block. I had like zero motivation.  During my time off, it felt really refreshing not to think about blogging whenever I was surfing the net.  But I did miss this place.  With that said, let's hope I get back into my groove with some consistency here :) 

So, I noticed a late summer trend but it's one that's totally familiar to me.  Birkenstocks are back.  Wow... I know fashion's cyclical but this comeback did surprise me like the way shoulder pads did when they came back for like a nano second, thankfully.  I have to admit - I never lost my love for Birkies since my college days (yup, like 15+ year ago).  I'm now totally jonesing for a pair, if anything, purely out of nostalgia. 

a. Arizona  
b. Gizeh   
b. Florida   
d. Arizona



  1. Me too! Except I'm eyeing Madrid.

  2. It's funny how they've come back and are now fashionable again, huh?!

  3. Have they really come back in fashion or are we just getting "old" and would rather wear something comfortable than not? Maybe not for you, since you've got this blog and are still part of the real world. But for me, thats the question I feel like I constantly ask myself now that I'm home with two kids. Unfortunately, despite working at both J.Crew and Ann Taylor for many years prior to having kids, I think my style has veered towards comfortable and away from any relation to trendy and fashionable. :( And I no long trust my judgement. But since you ALSO like Birkenstocks again, maybe I'm safe to go and order a pair...

  4. oh Jamie, i struggle with comfort vs. fashion all the time as well. and i for the most part lean towards comfort and practicality. i fancy all the glam sexy stuff i see on the magazines but let's be honest, not so practical or cheap! i do think there's a compromise or a combination of comfort and fashion though. And berks may just be in that category. just pair them up with a cute pair of jeans or bright colored shorts (vs. hippie dippy skirts we used to wear in high school!). and put on a cute top and you've got both the comfort and fashion factors all in one!!

  5. Thought of you when I saw this on Zulily today. I tried to convince Will that at these prices I just HAD to get a new pair but alas, I was laughed at. Maybe Randy will be more understanding... :)

  6. omg - what amazing prices!! Randy will not be understanding. He hates Birks. He thinks they are too hippie dippie. what does he know, right?!


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