Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How is January Treating You?

So, we've been doing a lot of cuddling and nestling around the house during these mid winter days. The boys tend to get more cuddly with this cold weather and I love it. The last picture is my Toby's head on my tummy and a book I just started reading after my last one  that took 3 months to read - mostly read in December during my vacation. 

I've also been doing a lot of reflecting, planning, wondering, daydreaming about what I should do differently in 2014 in terms of this blog, work, relationships, etc.  January always gets me like this! I almost feel a bit overwhelmed and immobilized by this process, like I don't know what I should do first on my list of to do's for 2014. 

One thing I started doing since January is actually utilizing the darn notebook(s) I carry with me all the time.  I carry at least one notebook with me on any given day in case I need to jot down something.  But then I don't!  How silly, right??  So, whenever I have that bright idea on what to do, buy, make, see, etc. I now jot them down.  The only down side is that sometimes I can't read my own handwriting!!  That my friends, is a sign that I'm always rushing for no particular reason and I need to just chill. 

How about you? How is this January treating you?    

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  1. Aww cuties... how cozy you all look! Hope you're staying warm if it's snowing up your way too! :)


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