Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Warby Parker - Good Cause to Look Good

I know - I'm back~~  thought that would never happen, right? 
It's been awhile and I took an indefinite hiatus.  <sigh> Perhaps, there'll be a post on that one. 

I didn't know how to get back to this little place as the last time I was here, I was feeling a bit uninspired, without a purpose, and tired.  Yup - I call it mid-life crisis.  Then a couple of days ago, I was asked by the folks from Warby Parker to spread a word or two about their 2014 Winter Collection.  I'm a huge fan of Warby Parker and have always applauded them for allowing us to purchase fashionable glasses at a reasonable price. What I didn't know about them is their "Buy A Pair, Give a Pair" campaign and that they have so far, distributed one million pairs of glasses to those in need. 

Please note that I have not been compensated for this post. Yup - no free pair of glasses, payment, etc.  I was just happy to spread the word in light of the good cause Warby Parker supports and yes, I dig their glasses

Here are my favorites from their 2014 Winter Collection. I can't wait to check them out at my local shop! (Did you know?  There's a store list!  My local shop is so close to my home - I can't wait!!)

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