Friday, June 6, 2014


So, do you think someone's happy that it's FRIDAY?  
Yes, that would be me.  We are expecting another bright sunny weekend. I'm looking forward to a long run and lazily sitting out on the balcony with my pups.  Side note: We just got a 3 piece table and chairs for the balcony through Craigslist.  It's not perfect with little dings here and there, but I love it (especially for $40).  I should get some plants for the balcony as well, which is just one of the many things I'd like to get to this weekend!! 

Here are some random things on my mind for your weekend musings: 

  • did you know these two were BFFs? so cute!
  • can I pull this off?  thinking about it for my 5th anniversary celebration (2 more years to go). 
  • am i the last one to know about this app?? love it. 
  • i've been obsessed with this make-over... 
  • also obsessed with these guys and their photos... 
Have a great weekend~~

p.s. The above graphic artwork is my own schtuff. A bit lopsided (ugh). I've been trying to get more creative and thought, why not start doing something for this little bloggy blog? Hope you likeeee. 

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  1. Oh my gosh I wish it was Friday now... hope you had a good weekend, lady! Here's hoping the next one comes soon. ;)


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