Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Shooting the Breeze

As promised, more photos from my MDW, partly spent with my friend Nancy.  We went to Terrain at Glen Mills and had an amazing time just shooting the breeze, as Nancy called our meet-up.  The weather was perfect too.  And on a really cool and serendipitous moment, I saw Johnny Weir (you know, the World Champion ice skater) at the garden cafe inside Terrain and got up my nerves to approach him. Luckily, he was so so sweet and nice. He also started to strike a pose as we were taking photos, so I just followed him.  What a day it was~~ Nancy and I capped the day with a duo selfie. 

Here are some photos from the day.  You can see how it's such a beautiful place inside and out.  I promised myself to go back before the summer is over.  (I almost forgot - their food is also to die for!!)


  1. Best friend date ever! The place is BEAUTIFUL!


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