Friday, May 30, 2014

La Weekend

TGIF!!!  I haven't checked in on a Friday in awhile~~ 
Although it was a short week, it felt just as long as a regular week. Oh boy, that's never a good feeling.  

So, what are you guys up to this weekend?  
The hubs and I are hanging out on Sunday in Manayunk (which is a town/city outskirts of Philly) to watch a bike race.  Randy has recently become such a cyclist, which all started from attending a really good spin class.  He now rides outside no less than 4 hours every Saturday (that's in addition to spinning his tushi off like 4-5 times a week).  I might as well call him Lance at this point! All joking aside, I'm 100% supportive of his new hobby which has made him healthier, both inside and out. 

I don't have much going on, other than waiting for this beauty to arrive, hopefully on Saturday.  It was one of those things on my wish list that became real (you know, when you have that combo of reward $s and an add'l 20% off sale thing, you gotta go for it).

I also caved in and ordered me a Paderno Spiralizer.  I'm a huge fan of making veggie pasta and my little peeler/veggie-stringer is just not cutting it anymore. I can't wait!! 

I also can't wait for this summer to begin.  It's about time, right?!! Hope you guys have a leisurely weekend into the summer~~ 

photo by me

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