Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Current Wish List

I think about arranging and re-arranging things around the house all the time.  This process also gets me to think about adding things around the house.  Because I hate clutter, I then think about getting rid of things around the house.  Yes, it's a crazy cyclical kind of a process.  So, I'm in that phase where I want to add a couple of things around the house. You know, some pieces that pop without being too obnoxious. Here are the things on my current wish list~

a. Milk Crown Jewelry Tray; b. Lucite Tray; c.Diptyque Paris Candle; d.Colossal Wishbone;and e. Fortune Cookie

I can just see these things on my night table, or on a ledge in my bathroom, or our coffee table.  Small pretty things like these do make a difference around your house and for me, make me SO happy :) 


  1. Oh man there are so many things I'm dying to pick up for our house right now too... one day soon.

    1. i know, the list never ends... i did just treat myself to the dipityque candle. i wanted the house to smell nice for valentine's day - ha!


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