Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday E-Design: Modern Love

Good Monday, friends~  I hope you had a great weekend!
I did a good amount of catching up on housework and bikram yoga (both Saturday and Sunday!!).
I also watched the Super Bowl with my husband, like millions of other Americans.  Nothing in the game perked me up more than Beyonce's half time performance, though.  Wow - did she give a show or what?!  And I loved the Destiny Child reunion, as brief as it was. 

So, I was thinking about all the little (and big) things I want for my house. And I realized that I favor modern design.  I love clean simple lines, with a pop of color or interesting patterns. I would love to see these in my house for a more modern and updated look.  
a.Display Ledge; b. Ironwork Flocked Window Panel; c.Wegner Wishbone Chair; d.Gold Pig Bookends; e.Faux Sheep Rug; and f.Expandable Pedestal Table 

This is such a bright and cheery look, isn't it?  

Hope you have a bright and cheery Monday :)  


  1. Ooh I've been coveting those pig bookends forever... sooo cute. :)

  2. i know, totally. CB2's pig bookends are pretty well priced too!


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