Thursday, February 28, 2013

West Elm's Bombastic Sales

West Elm is having bombastic sales throughout its site, including dinnerware sale, and I really couldn't resist but snatch up these beauties below.  How can you resist the 20% off and FREE shipping offer!!  In fact, I even called my friend Nancy to spread the excitement and won't you know it, she's been eyeing some of these beauties herself! Yup, a total girlfriends shopping enabling moment happened on a random Wednesday night. 

Out of these, I'm most excited about the twig salad server set (in silver - the twig like color set is a bit too twiggy, no?). 
I am so embarrassed whenever guests come over and I use two regular small forks to serve them salad.  No more of those moments!!  Check out the rest of West Elm's tableware and linen sale here and treat yourself to something cute (like $6 ikat bowls)!!

Happy Thursday, we are almost there!! 


  1. It was straight to online checkout after I got off the phone with you!! Nance

  2. Oh I'm always so tempted by those sales! I love your picks. :)

  3. i know... i caved in when i saw 'free shipping'!!


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