Friday, March 1, 2013

TGIF - Whatcha Up To?

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Oh boy~  It's TGIF and I seriously thought it'd never get here!!

I had a week that started out slow and just exploded into total busy-ness at work.  The highlight of the week was seeing my parents in Philly for a random sushi dinner (despite me circling around the same 3-4 blocks to find the parking lot where my parents were waiting for me). Of course, my mom made all this banchan and spicy chicken for Randy, which makes Randy so happy as he is more Korean than I am. 

Not much going on this weekend. I am definitely going to be making more fig jam.  Remember last Friday I talked about making it? (see here) It turned out so yummy!  I ended up giving the entire thing to my mom so I need to make some more. It was seriously the easiest recipe ev-ah. 

I'm also seriously going to try to eat better and exercise more.  I've been complaining of feeling really tired all-the-time and it's TIME to really focus on my health.  I even went to my doctor and am in the process of making follow-up appointments, which I NEVER do.  I am also going to try to cut down on my sugar and caffeine intake. (I know, I just talked about making more fig jam, but I swear, I'm really going to eat just a little bit at a time!) I have a friend who's doing a sugar cleanse and she said she has so much more energy than ever before.  AND her skin is like glowing!! Now, that alone is motivation for me!!

Hope you guys have a wonderful, fun filled weekend~~

p.s. I didn't know this but this week was/is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.  I found out when I came across this lovely blog, "Or So I Feel".   I think most, if not all girls have at some point struggled with or continue to struggle with body image.  I know I have and continue to, like every day.  And this post and the rest of Or So I Feel touches on this issue in such an enlightening and REAL way.  I'm definitely going to be checking in with her via her blog to keep myself in check and not to be so hard on myself.    

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