Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring Mix

The title of this post sounds like a salad, right?  No, no discussion of salad here, at least not today.  But here's a mix of spring items I'm loving right now.  Last Sunday, I checked out the J.Crew Factory/outlet.  I do this from time to time in hopes of finding something I missed last year.  And sure enough, I lucked out and found the below lace blouse and striped skirt.  The blouse was 25% off (eh...not the best sale but it's so pretty in person!) and the skirt was 50% off.  Yeah, they were going home with me :)  The glasses are from Warby Parker and I think I'll be getting the pair below, 'Ainsworth'. I really liked it when I got to try it at home for free.  The Coach bag below is perfect for both spring and summer.  The sandals will go with just about anything casual in my closet. And they really look comfy, don't they?  Hope you like this version of spring mix as much as I do :)

a.J.Crew Factory Scalloped Lace Tee; b. J.Crew Factory Pleated Printed Skirt; c.Warby Parker Ainsworth in Walnut Tortoise; d. Coach Legacy Leather Penny Shoulder Purse; e. Arche Pumps Mityam Elastic Mid Heel


  1. Oh spring! Everyone is ready for spring and it's about to snow here haha!

  2. i realized with the sandals, i'm already jumping over to summer! and yes, we may be getting snow here in philly too! crazy...


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