Friday, March 15, 2013

TGIF - Whatcha Up To?

TGIF!! How are you guys? Sorry I've been a little skimpy with my posts this week.  Yeah, that cold I talked babbled and whined about like a baby turned into a mild case of bronchitis, which frankly, I didn't even know how to spell until I was diagnosed with it.  I've always bragged about how I never get colds and I'm so healthy this and that, but I am now a humbled woman as I've officially learned how to use an inhaler. I'll definitely be picking up the concentrated vitamin D prescribed by my doctor this weekend and take fish oil capsules EVERY DAY.  So, enough about my dramatic tale of a mild, yes just mild, case of bronchitis!  

Whether you can tell or not from reading this blog, my style in all things tend to mix both the old and the new. Below is a set of tableware from Donna Hay's online shop, that is an excellent revival of a traditional design in a color that's all the rage these days.  Don't they look like something you'd find in your grandparents' kitchen or a flea market (if you are so lucky).  The light pastel color is just oh so perfectly pretty without being overwhelmingly feminine.  

This is a perfect trio for a little lemonade making in the summer, right? 

And these beet chips below will be perfect with a glass of home-made lemonade.

The styling and photographing of this dish is by Bea of La Tartine Gourmande.  I love how she tells a sweet story for each dish she presents on her blog and this one, particularly hits home for me as it was made for her daughter, Lulu who wasn't feeling well.  I bet her appetite definitely perked up upon snacking on her mama's beat chips~  

I hope this week was kind to you.  If it wasn't, try to take it easy this weekend.  Sleep in a little later, cuddle your pets a little extra longer, and nosh something incredibly healthy and satisfying.  Happy weekend, friends~

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