Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Current Faves and Wishlist

a; b; cd; e; and f.

hello~ so i was totally overwhelmed with work on Sunday night and didn't get to post here yesterday, which was a bummer.  and almost didn't make it today either thanks to a sudden cold that decided to invade my throat and head.  ugh... what's with this cold?!!

Onto happier thoughts - i want to share with you  a couple of my recent finds that i'm loving.  i have the above clarins lip gloss (a gift), essie nail polish in mink muffs, and the bobbi brown eye shadow that gets used as an eyebrow fill-in/liner.  each one of them adds a nice subtle change to my look.  the rest, i want want want!!  

what are some of your new finds and wishlist items?

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