Thursday, March 28, 2013

In My Amazon Bucket

I'm one of those people who constantly put things in the checkout bucket of various shopping websites, only to pull them (some of them) out later.  One of those websites I frequent too often is Amazon.  I love how they have just about anything & everything I need and often times, offer free shipping.  Currently, I have this random mix of stuff in my Amazon bucket. 

GP's new cook book (I have a love/hate relationship with her.  So jealous of her life, seriously!!  But gotta love her for being kinda really cool and stylish.)

A really neat looking water carafe.  I want this in our bathroom for our mouthwash.  I can't stand looking at a big bottle of Scope.  Ugh. 

Kendra Scott  earrings.  I know, they are trendy.  But I'm in love with mint colored anything.  And I need to wear more earrings b/c I never do.  These will be perfect for the warmer days (if they ever friggin' get here!). 

This book has been seen on many other bloggers' must read list.  Honestly, I just need to go to the library and borrow this book, instead of buying.  

What's in your Amazon shopping bucket?  Or do you have a different site where you get your random mix of goodies?


  1. Loving all of these! I feel the same about Gwyneth. :)

  2. i'm glad there's a fellow GP love/hate person!


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