Friday, March 8, 2013

TGIF - Whatcha Up To?

TGIF!!! Yay!!  This week has been laced with so much talk about the weather. Is it going to snow? If so, how much? We had some windy days with slightest of slight white sprinkles but alas, no substantive snow to enjoy.  If it's going to be cold, I'd rather see some white powder than not, you know?!  

This weekend, I have a lot of work to catch up.  I'm going to try to buckle down and be disciplined. BUT I will, or I MUST take the time to make this little healthy quinoa strawberry salad. 

recipe via here

Doesn't it look so good? Although this seems more like a breakfast or lunch kinda dish, I wouldn't mind pairing this dish with a glass of Torrontes like this one
A friend of mine introduced me to Torrontes (Argentinian white wine) last weekend and I love it. It has a very crisp, light and fruity taste, and when you take a sip of it, you just want to swirl it around your mouth 'cause it's so good.  I can't wait to go pick up a bottle today after work!

And guys,check out Apartment Therapy for their bedroom retreat contest.  I'm so inspired looking at all the photos of beautifully decorated bedrooms.  

Hope you guys have a wonderful, warm, sun-filled weekend~~   


  1. I couldn't agree more about the snow!! Our snow was so disappointing this week. Have a great weekend!!

  2. OH also I think I'm going to sign up for the Baystate Marathon now... I'm listening to you on the Marine Corps, I don't want to risk training hard and then slowing down for the crowds... and the Baystate is supposed to be fast. :)

    Have you been running?!

  3. of course, we end up having this awful windy snowy morning when i had to drive into the city! but not enough to make a snow angel out of :( omg, you are so inspiring me to run more. i ran just once earlier this week. it felt so good and i vowed to myself i need to do it more often!! i just checked out the Baystate marathon website. i don't know if i have another marathon in me but i know i've seen older people run, so i feel like i do, but it's all so scary, esp the time commitment. let me know if you sign up!!


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