Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Need and Want Now

Having gone to school in Pittsburgh for 4 years and Syracuse for 3, I am not afraid of getting wet in the rain or snow. I gave up on counting how many umbrellas I lost within the first couple of months of living in Pittsburgh.  With all this said, I do want, no NEED is more like it, a rain jacket pretty badly especially since I don't carry an umbrella.  Yesterday was NOT pretty as we dealt with a typical summer torrential downpour.  I also WANT a couple of other things like below, for the summer.  

a. bandou top from Gap
b. bikini bottom from Gap
c. Kangarro Baggu for J.Crew
d.    Fiji by Essie - just got my pedicure done in this color and   LOVE IT. 
e. Boys Rain Jacket (size L) from Gap - this sizing was recommended for small women in one of the many reviews. 

What are your latest need & want items?

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