Monday, October 21, 2013

I'm Back and It's Sweater Season!

Good Monday!!  I'm baaaack!  I took an entire week off from blogging.  No, not intentionally but it just kinda happened with work and after-work stuff happening throughout the week. I am finally feeling less hectic and this weekend was truly a catch-up weekend: a lot of cleaning, running errands, cooking, working out (oh - how I missed you,GYM!), etc.  The weather has gotten slightly colder since I last posted here.  And all I can think about is getting my sweater on and staying warm!  Here's a look I'm loving.  
1. Eugenia Kim Felix Black Cat Hat
2. Cable Stitched Sweater from Ann Taylor Loft
3. Quilted Jacket from J.Crew Factory
4. Scoundrel booties from Seychelles
5. The Urbane Bag from Coach  (their fall season's look is better than ever before!)

I hope to see you on a regular basis like I used to~~
Have a great week, friends!!

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