Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tufted and I Like It!

It was less than a year ago, on November 9, 2012 to be exact, when I happily announced about our new sofa.  I was so excited.  It was a sectional, in grey, and purchased from Macy*s during one of their "big" sales.  Fast forward, I HATE the sofa as the back cushions/pillows are all mushed up, mis-shapened, due to the softest and lumpiest inserts I've ever seen.  I can't even bear to take photos and share them with you. The seating cushions have remained very firm and comfortable.  I contemplated on getting customized inserts but they were going to be $70+ per insert.  I mean, why would I do that after having spent a good fortune to begin with??  

After much researching and getting the service folks to come out 3 times, I found no excellent replacements through the warranty service.  So, more researching and more discussion with the hubs then some more researching (on my own), I decided to replace the "new sofa" with a tufted style sofa.  I figured with my two puppies constantly climbing on the top of the sofa, a tufted sofa is least likely to become mis-shapened and it's a classic style.  It's a style I didn't expect to like as I prefer simple, clean, modern lines when it comes to furniture. But upon plugging in the words "tufted sofa" in the search field of Pinterest, I found many reasons to feel confident about my choice. Folks, there is a world of tufted sofa lovers out there.  

These are some of the tufted babes I drawled over...

(I know, not the most convenient color, but it's fun, no?)

But guys, the price range on these babes are like $2,100 - $6,000+.  Seriously?  How can one live with style??

Since I'm returning my sofa to Macy*s, I went back to the same and found this beauty. 

The price is less than the last sofa so I'll be getting a credit (ka-ching!), and the reviews are excellent!!  And it was on sale (no longer on sale - crazy timing here).  I am also super excited that I will NOT be paying for the delivery as it'll be a return and delivery transaction, and due to the problems with the last sofa, Macy*s has discounted the delivery fee.  

So, there's my story on what went wrong with my last "new sofa". The new-new sofa is expected to be delivered sometime in mid-December.  [SIGH]  Such is the life of returning and replacing a piece of furniture.  

How about you?  Any horror stories with your sofa or any other furniture in your home? 

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