Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Splurge of the Month - No Instant Gratification

Good Tuesday, guys!  I somehow survived Monday.  That's a huge accomplishment.  Yup, that's how I feel these days!

This past weekend, I was finally delivered a piece of furniture I've been eyeing forever.  West Elm's Dumont Buffet in white.  It finally went on sale and with their offer of 12 month interest free West Elm card, I went for it.  Prior to this purchase, I had to sell my piano to make room, so the little cash from that sale also helped with the purchase as well.  I'll miss the piano (once purchased via Craigslist) but I really desperately wanted this buffet for some time.  And as I expected, this buffet provides just enough space for my glasswares, napkins, vases, etc.  I share with you two photos I've posted on my instagram.

Please do excuse the white stuff on the floor that came with the delivery box.  Btw, I didn't assemble this piece together.  I had the delivery folks also assemble for an extra cost of $35.  Totally.worth.the.35.bucks. 

So, there it is. My splurge of the month.  One by one, I am replacing and adding new pieces to my home. It's a process that's frustrating yet so rewarding.  There's something to be said about waiting for something, vs. instant gratification (although most times, I prefer the latter).  

Hope you have a great week~~

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