Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Changing it up

You know how sometimes you are so content with something you don't feel the need to change anything?  As the saying goes, "why fix it if it ain't broke?"  That's how I felt about the decor of my bathroom.  But is it so wrong if I just got really tired of the same ole' thing?  My blue and beige striped shower curtain and white bath mats just seemed so old and tired all of a sudden. So, here's a little arrangement I'd like to see in my bathroom. All from West Elm (yup, I love me some West Elm!!). 

Perforated Porcelain Bath AccessoriesSeersucker Shower CurtainBamboo Bath Mat


  1. I drool over Ina Garten's house in the Hamptons as well as the house from Something's Gotta Give!

  2. Ina Garten's house? I'd have to check it out!! I need to get invited to her home!!


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