Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Zara Zara Zara

Is it me or has Zara been just getting better and better with each season?
There is many a reason why the Middleton sisters heart this brand so much.
The Zara dresses are so pretty, feminine, and they fit so well (perhaps, it's the Euro sizing!).
Here are some of my to-die-for faves of this season!

Perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

Add a white blazer to this and bang! Perfectness!

Again, add any color blazer to this outfit and you'll get another look out of this lovely dress!

starry starry night~
Wear this with a traditional trench coat to tone down the neon glow.

Perfect for an outdoor concert like Coachella
Ooh la la - so french! Such a great weekend top

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