Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I hope for ________

I came across this typography via Creative.Org's Pinterest page.    
I love that this leaves you with so many creative answers.  'I Hope for ______'.  What would you fill in the blank with? Today, I hope for a clear head.  I feel like my head's been a little too cluttered with thoughts worries about work, life, health, money, etc.  All the stuff you think about as well. Sometimes this kinda stuff gets me emotionally immobilized.  I don't sleep well; I get cranky; I commit horrible emotional eating (or not eating), etc. So, what do I do?  I remind myself exactly the same things: I HAVE work, I AM healthy, I AM alive, I HAVE money (um, never enough, but when's it ever enough? right? It's all subjective and relative :)).   
Sorry for the cheesy philosophical post but I just had to spill the clutter out onto my little space here.  Thanks for hearing me out!  

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  1. I'm with you there... it's not always easy to remember, but it's true. :)


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