Monday, September 30, 2013

Organize Pretty

Good Monday!  Sorry for the missed TGIF post.  I've been rushing to work, it seems, like every morning and coming home late. I have to learn to juggle and organize a bit.  Speaking of organizing, Sara from A Dose of Pretty had a really helpful post on staying organized for your home/business/blog.  (If you didn't know already, she's the talented lady who gave this place a little make-over earlier this year). For me, having a clean desk really helps.  And of course, me being me, I want things organized pretty.  That'll motivate me to stay focused at my desk, right?! So, onto my long wish list are these pretties. 

  • This stapler was from Anthropologie but it appears to be sold out (similar here)
  • This tray from Jayson Home is a classic.  I can see an envelope opener or a really nice writing pen on this tray;
  • This pinboard is from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child.  The price is a bit too much but you can see how this is a perfect DIY project in waiting (gold spray please!); and  
  • And of course, we can all use a catch all bowl.  This one's a bit bigger than the small Anthro bowls (so wildly popular, right?!).  I have so many paper clips that pile up.  This bowl will provide a good catch all place. 
Wish me luck with staying organized!! 

1 comment:

  1. That tray is gorgeous! I'm dreaming now of all of the pretty office things I'll one day, someday... when my office is finally put together... ugh... such a slow process with everything else. :)


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