Thursday, April 18, 2013

Keeping It Light In Dark Colors

Hi peeps, I'm back! My day time job has been a little busy, so I stepped away from here for the last 2 days :) And within the last two days, of course, we've all been shocked and left speechless by what happened in Boston...  We are all grieving as a nation and we'll do whatever it takes to move on as bravely and with much faith and hope as we have in the past.  

With the warmer days here, a girl like me who's typically covered in various shades of greys, blacks, dark navies, may get a little lost.  BUT no worries. We can still wear our favorite darks but just keep them light.  Huh?  Here's what I mean. 

   shoe// skirt// jacket// tote

How about it?  We still keep the dark tones, but in light materials with pops of color.  LOVE IT ALL. All on sale at Shopbop, btw (ok, but still too pricey for me!). 

Alright, one more day 'til my favorite day. Yay!!! 

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