Friday, April 19, 2013

TGIF - Whatcha Up To?

TGIF! This week was a tough one!  I was totally wigging out with too much work in the beginning of the week, and kinda burn out by yesterday, and become totally unproductive. 

Earlier this week, my colleagues and I ventured out to a new lunch place near our work.  It's a vietnamese bistro.  There, I tried my first banh mi (which is, btw, the bistro's name!), a very simple vietnamese sandwich with pickled radishes and cilantro (add avo too and it's excellent). It's such a tasty nosh that really hits all the right spots with its crunchy, sour, sweet, ingredients jammed inside a french baguette.  I can totally see this being made for a lunch get together or even a game or sports night.    

In addition to banh me, I also discovered and fell madly and deeply in love this week... with this chair.  

And I finally got my little fortune cookie (25% off and now it's sold out on shopbop!) this week. 
And this beauty on a major price cut due to a minor fold on the corner, which should be covered by the frame per the seller. Hopefully, I won't regret the purchase. (Haha - forgive me for the lame pun intended!)

My latest can't-stop-reading blogs:  exquisite bananathe daily muse blogthe selby.  These blogs actually make me want to go running on the treadmill so that I can devour over all of their old pages.  

Not much planned for this weekend for me.  And you know what, that will be just fine! I can use it to catch up on some reading, running, and folding the darn laundry (but while watching some brain numbing tv shows or movies).  Hope you guys have a fun-filled and relaxing weekend~~  

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  1. I love banh mi's!! It really does hit the spot!! Nance


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