Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday E-Design: Lucite Madness

Good Monday~ Hope you had a great weekend!  I saw a lot of outdoor activities and pretty spring photos on Instagram, so I think it's safe to say that spring is here and we are embracing it!  

I had a pretty busy weekend as Randy and I visited his father, Ray in Allentown and stayed there overnight. Ray has a ginormous St. Bernard named Bud. OMG - he is SO big now.  Our two little Westies and Bud always play really hard and watching them is like watching a cartoon or something unreal.  

On Sunday, I spent the better part  of the day cleaning up my old office as I am moving into a new office at work.  I'm so excited because I'll now have lots of sun coming and a nice big blank wall to decorate.  I have ideas and ideas on how I want to decorate the new office...  Hopefully, it'll turn out cool and I'll show off the final look to you guys. 

I also have so many ideas running through my head on how to re-do our living room.  We have a very limited space and right now, our big coffee table is seriously taking up too much space, both physically and visually.  So, I'm looking into selling it on Craigslist and getting a clear acrylic/lucite table.  Here are some repins from Pinterest for inspiration.  

So, the question becomes, where can I get one for a reasonable price?
Here's one from CB2 for less than $300.  It's hard to justify a purchase like this when the furniture seriously looks like clear plastic (oh, maybe it actually is...). It also depends on whether and when I can sell the current coffee table at my home. Well, you'll know about it when it happens!!

Hope you have a great week~~


  1. Oh my gosh I would love to see your little Westies playing with that big St. Bernard! So cute!

    Love the table idea -- it's funny I was JUST reading how a clear coffee table can make your living room look bigger. :)

  2. that always happens, like i hear a new word and suddenly, it's on jeopardy! btw, hope you are feeling better!!


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