Monday, July 29, 2013

Birthday Monday

Happy Birthday to my hubs, Randy!! He turns 44 today. Old man :)  We celebrated by going to R2L, a restaurant he's been wanting to go to for some time. The food was A-mazing.  We were also seated by the windows which provides a panoramic view of the city.  It helps to RSVP months in advance, right?! I forgot to ask him what he wished for as he blew out the lone candle on our dessert plate.  I'll have to ask tonight. My wish would be that Randy would continue to stay as loving, adventurous, and young-hearted!!  


  1. Aww happy belated birthday to your guy!! Sounds like you both had an amazing time. :)

  2. tx, Laicie!! enjoy celebrating his birthday more than mine!

  3. Happy Birthday to your hubby! You both look great!

  4. Aww, tx Sara!!! I'd love to see photos from your birthday and your husband's birthday!


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