Saturday, July 20, 2013

Here's the Why

Earlier this week, I mentioned how I've been thinking about this blog and where it's going. When I hit my 1st year mark in April, I didn't make any fuss about it.  I had no give aways, no fancy pictures, etc.  I did give this blog a make-over, which was sorta like a gift to myself for lasting this long. 

As a reader, you must wonder why I blog. It feels overwhelming to explain. But I'll try. I can't promise you that it won't sound cliche.

I started this blog because I was feeling really trapped in my day-in and day-out life that consisted mainly of my work.  I started to feel like I was losing myself and I was nothing but someone with a desk job. As a way to unwind from work, I started spending a lot of time just web surfing and that's how I began to see that there was a whole community out there, made up of people like me, wanting to feel and reach for something else other than just getting their job done at their work for a paycheck.  So I decided I would join that community by starting my own blog.  

When I first hit the "publish" button, I felt extremely nervous and ridiculous.  I had no real focus on what my blog would be about. All I knew was that I wanted it to be a place where I could talk about whatever.  And the last thing I wanted for myself was to stress out about something I started for "fun".  

As I started to write more, I became like many other bloggers. I kinda got serious about my writing and what this little "fun" project means to me. I became more reflective about ME and what I value in my life on a daily basis. 

No, this blog will never be a philosophical, deep thinking, serious kinda place either.  After all, I write to escape from the stress derived from the "real" world.  Honestly, I can't quite put a finger on what this blog will be.  Perhaps, that's because I can't quite put a finger on who I am. I seem to change in my ways, views, and thoughts as time passes.  If anything, my hope is to capture all that I appreciate, enjoy, taste, see, experience, and live through.  Because it's too often that I go a day without appreciating what's before my eyes.  


  1. I love that you wrote all of this down... I've had so many of the same feelings along the way. :) Here's to all of the good things to come, I know whatever you decide to do will be amazing!

  2. i think we all have this desire to explain ourselves for every action we take front of an audience. as private as i am, i needed to do this for myself. Of course, all of this reflective stuff can be just undiagnosed signs/symptoms of pre-menopausal period. haha!!


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