Monday, July 8, 2013

Business Casual

Good Monday~ Hope you all had a great weekend. It was one sweltering weekend here in Philly and I totally embraced it by being outside all day on Saturday. More on that later this week.  

This Friday, I'll be traveling for work; a big 3 day conference in Maryland. The vibe will be business casual and laid back as there will be a lot of down time and most attendants will be bringing their family members.  A friend of mine, Kelley is also attending this conference and asked if I could do a post on what to wear. I was happy to receive this request because who doesn't worry about what to wear to a business conference?!


  1. Love these suggestions!! So much more fun than what I usually get to wear to a work conference (oh DC and your black suits....). Can't wait for you to come to MD!!

  2. I will shoot you an email tonight! Looking forward to seeing you! Ps. You d.c. Folks need to lighten up on those men-in-black suits ;)

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