Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Breathe Through It

So, I JUST came back from a vacation and I JUST talked about feeling more relaxed, happier, etc.  But yesterday was a tough one as I learned that my dog, Speedz will need further evaluation(s) and additional medicine due to his recent diagnosis of a rare autoimmune disease, pemphigus vulgaris. While Speedz has started to eat again, we noticed that he can no longer jump up to the couch or my car, and has lost weight (almost 3 lbs).  Speedz' doctor confirmed that these were all due to his illness and the meds he's taking.  <sigh>  

The above quote and image kinda hits the spot as far as my approach on how to get through this difficult time.  Just BREATHE through it. 

Oh, btw, did I tell you how badly I'm counting down to 4th of July?  Yeah, it's like the day after tomorrow.  YAY!!!  

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