Thursday, July 11, 2013

One Hot Saturday

Last Saturday was a blast.  I started the day off with a visit to the Rodin Museum in Philly. My friend Nancy was in town and she, as always, came up with this brilliant idea.  I can't believe I managed to ignore visiting this place until now.  Oh so lame...

After our little venture into the art world, we walked around the city window shopping until we got hungry.  We hit Tria Cafe first, a wine and cheese bar that offers some really good appetizers (like the ricotta cheese with pistachio and lavender honey'd bruschetta) and fresh salads. 

Later on, after some more walking around, we found ourselves at Oyster House, and enjoyed some more drinks and a traditional lobster roll and fries. 

Although it was crazy hot, we really did enjoy ourselves getting some sun and talking about nothing and everything.  :) 


  1. It really did feel like we were transported to paris for the day. Nice to know that philly has its little gems...

  2. yup - paris in philly :) tx for visting!


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