Friday, July 19, 2013

So, this happened last Friday... and yeah, TGIF!

So this happened last Friday!

I met with another blogger!  I met up with Laicie from 1000 Threads.  Laicie also writes for The Every Girl.  In person, she was prettier, warmer, funnier and more exuberant than she is on her blog. (Is that possible?  Yes!).  We gabbed and gabbed for over 2 hours while downing our drinks, sangria for Laicie and some ridiculously fruity cocktail for me. We also shared some crazy yummy tacos as well.  We had a blast talking about our lives, what we want for our blogs, what we DON'T want for our blogs, and so forth. We talked about meeting up again in the future and I hope that happens sooner than later!!

Oh - almost forgot.  TGIF~~  Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!!  Keeping this post short as I have another one coming for ya tomorrow :) 

p.s. I look so awkwardly frigid in this picture. What's WRONG with me??!! 


  1. Oh my gosh you are too sweet!! I'm SO glad we finally met and can't wait to do it again!!

    And you look gorgeous in this picture... gosh we are so critical of ourselves. :) I never like the way I look.

  2. tx, laicie! the 30 day selfie challenge may just do us all some good, right?!


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