Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What I Eat

Back in college, which was almost 20 years ago (wow...),I was diagnosed with "irritable bowel syndrome" a/k/a "IBS". First of all, it sounded really gross (um, it still does) and secondly, I thought it was a BS diagnosis.  But I was having a lot of stomach problems to the point where I couldn't make it to my classes. Since the diagnosis, I've been very keen on reading up on eating healthy and exercising.  I also know that based on my own experience, stress never helps (does it ever??).  I've lived through the low to almost no fat diet as well as the very fatty but no carb Atkins diet. What I've learned through it all is that "whole foods" like fresh greens, fruit, and fish keep my body feeling clean and good. Just don't fry'em. Of course, I'm tempted to eat processed food EVERY DAY and I do,but not a lot of it if I can help it. I also cook almost every day because I like knowing what goes into my body.  With this kind of focus, I haven't had a crazy flare up since the mid 90's.  Here's a glimpse into what I cook up on a typical summer night. 

Uncle Ben's brown rice with miso base (mix miso and water); Seared tofu; Sauteed spinach, chopped onion, arugula; Toasted walnuts; A pinch of salt. 

Sauteed shrimp in olive oil and garlic with lemon juice; Cherry tomatoes; Arugula and romaine lettuce; Homemade balsamic vinaigrette dressing (olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic, salt, black pepper and lemon juice). 

I don't usually talk about my personal schtuff.  But I have to admit that this post was inspired by Sarah Yates of 'A House in the Hills'.  Reading her posts on her health issues and eating healthy to manage them has truly inspired me to write up today's post.  Thanks Sarah!!! 

Happy Wednesday folks, we are half way there~

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  1. Oh man I have to go check out Sarah's posts now! That salad looks amazing.


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