Tuesday, October 9, 2012

All Grown Up

As much as I love wearing a pair of worn out jeans and the softest of soft cotton boatneck shirt, I do love a well tailored suit.  After all, my day job often requires me to be suited up.  
I have two presentations coming up this month and of course, what better excuse to purchase something new.  So, I bought a dress on sale. I'll show that off later. But if I could win a free shopping spree, like one of those lucky peeps who actually win fashion magazine contests, I'd wear this fabulously grown up outfit, that can be worn by any woman in her 30s and up.  

a. Kate Spadeb.&e. Sandro Parisc. Marc by Marc Jacobs d. JCrew; f. J. Renee 

p.s. The cool thing about this look is that you can mix and match each item with something casual and just about any color will match.  


  1. Love it! I always wish I had tons of money to spend on my work clothes... I think it would make me a whole lot more excited to go to work. :)

  2. haha - i never thought of it that way. But yes, i too would be a whole lot more excited to go to work!!


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