Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sweet Thoughts

I've been up since 3:40 a.m. this morning.  This is what happens when you procrastinate on something and you wake up in panic mode. I had a 50 minute presentation with two co-presenters before a room of accountants and lawyers this morning.  And I just did not have it in me last night to do my final prep. Needlessly to say, I had a long day. BUT I came home to find a pair of these impossibly fashionable mugs:

These were "I thought of you when I saw these" gift from my friend Sue, who's too far away in Oklahoma. These are the best kind of gifts.  I miss those days when I used to visit Sue in NYC and crash at her dorm size studio. Before we'd go to sleep at night, Sue would always make sure to set up her coffee machine so that I could drink coffee in the morning.  You see, I was always the first one to get up in the morning among my friends when we'd sleep over at each other's places. And my friends would find me in the dark just quietly sipping away my coffee. My penchant for coffee is infamous among my family and friends :)  Thanks for the lovely gift, Sue! You got me all verklempt! 


  1. You're making me reminisce. Those were the days ~~ Miss you and our crazy times together.

  2. hehe, thanks for putting up w/ me! i got to see so much of nyc thanks to you!


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