Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Wake-Up Call

Good Monday, friends! I hope my east coast friends are staying dry and off the road, if possible.  It looks like hurricane Sandy is really hitting us hard.  Some of my NYC friends have evacuated already.  As for me, I had to park my car on higher ground to avoid the expected flooding of Schuykill River onto our parking lot.  Both my husband and my offices are closed today as well as the local court.  The only plus in this situation is that we'll stay home and cuddle with our puppies. If I'm ambitious, I'll start planning my Thanksgiving dinner.  I'm cooking this year, so I'm really nervous and feel like I should start planning sooner than later.  

Anyways, onto my Monday wake-up call - here's a lovely cozy bedroom I came across on Design Sponge.  I'd love to see the bright blue and yellow painting and a little wishbone jewelry/ring holder on the night table. Charming!

a.  the room; b.  Don Draper's Abstract;  c. Wishbone

Have a great Monday~ And my east coast friends, be careful out there! 


  1. You be careful too!! We're hunkered down here but happy to be home. :)

  2. Tx, Lacie! Same sentiments here~


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