Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Wake-Up Call

Happy Monday, Friends! Can you believe we've already reached the middle of October?  I'm already thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas!! (And you'll hear me say this pretty often until we are done with the holidays.) I love this time of the year when I start smelling pumpkin spiced drinks and hot apple ciders at coffee shops and bakeries.  And we start pulling out our scarves and boots to keep ourselves a bit warmer while looking effortlessly fashionable.  

This past weekend was a pretty busy weekend, luckily not involving work.  But by the end of early Sunday evening, I was able to wind down and cuddle with my husband and puppies to watch one of my favorite TV shows, The Good Wife. And speaking of cuddling - check out the picture below.  Isn't it like the most cuddliest looking bed ever?  

image via here

I love the big fist size pompoms at the end of the throw, how cute are they?! 

I hope y'all are rested, energized and ready to get through another week. Have a great Monday!!


  1. Oh that throw looks so cozy, I want to curl up in it!

  2. doesn't it? it's so whimsical looking too!


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