Monday, October 29, 2012

Edgy Prep Chic

6:47 p.m. on Monday and we are still with power and running water. I've used this unexpected down time to go to the gym and run, cook, and watch an unspeakable amount of TV.  It feels really good to take a day off.  I just hope that everyone out there is safe and with their family.  

Using this down time, I put together this edgy prep chic fall outfit. I have always loved fisherman sweater and found a really cute one from L.L. Bean Signature Line. I am a huge fan of L.L.Bean for their sturdy totes and backpacks.  And rain boots too.  When they introduced their second line, updating and modernizing their preppy looks, I was most delighted!  It so happens that my in-laws have been giving us L.L.Bean gift certificates for our birthdays, Christmas and Hanukkah. I received one for my birthday recently and you know what I'm getting! Hope you like this prep chic look with a bit of an edge (via the studded Marc by Marc Jacobs studded leather clutch).    

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