Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Last Days of Disco

Did anyone ever watch 'The Last Days of Disco'? This movie came out like I don't even remember when.  But I do remember how much I loved the characters and the outfits they were wearing (granted, some made me cringe).  When I saw this jumpsuit from Zara, I immediately thought of that movie and now, I'm wondering if I can downloaded from itunes...  I was so disappointed (well, kinda devastated is more like it) when I saw that the jumpsuit was sold out.  The site does note that it'll be "BACK SOON". Hopefully, it'll be "BACK SOON" and I can grab one in my size.  I would love to wear it to a holiday party - I know, it's too early. But I'm a planner~

The rest of the outfit came from Barneys. I've never shopped at Barneys,but a girl can dream, right? :) 


  a.Christian Louboutin Artemis Velvet Bow Shoulder Bag;  b. Zara Jumpsuitc. Givenchy Shagreen Shark Tooth Pendant Necklace
d. Munnu Diamond Buckle Bracelet


  1. I would LOVE to see someone rock this jumpsuit, I feel like there are so many possibilities there. :)

  2. Laicie, it's going to be me rocking the jumpsuit if i can help it! Tx for your comments - you are the best!


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