Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday Art - Matthew Sporzynski

I just realized that this Wednesday Art carries a common thread from last week's Wednesday Art.  That is, like Kara Walker, today's artist Matthew Sporzynski too uses paper in his work, except that his work is 3 dimensional as you can see below. 

I first saw Sporzynski's paper construction on one of my favorite magazines, Real Simple. I was so taken aback by how real his paper constructions looked. The details and accuracy in measurement, proportion, and colors are so meticulous and real to life.  There's also this sense of whim and youthfulness to his work.  Perhaps, that's because we associate paper cutouts and constructions with the type of arts and crafts we did during our childhood. 

Not much is known about him but I found this irreverent Q&A on him here. Check it out.

I hope Sporzynski continues his collaboration with Real Simple because his artwork is one of a kind.  I would love to see his work through an exhibition.  Wouldn't that be fun?! 

(all images via Real Simple except 
the artist's portrait via here)


  1. i know, isn't it? He also makes bride & groom figurines for weddings. you'd love that!


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